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ogun aferi handkerchief

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ogun aferi handkerchief

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He is also known for his love of adaptation of literary material into movies as most of his works have followed that style of filmmaking including Ko se GbeOlekuThunder BoltThe Narrow PathWhite HandkerchiefMaami and Dazzling Mirage.

At an early age, he was sent to Abeokutato live with his grandparents. The rich Yoruba culture and tradition he experienced in his early years, coupled with the experience he garnered at the London Film School where he studied the art of filmmaking, prepared him for what he is doing today.

ogun aferi handkerchief

During this time, his grandfather was a Chief the Balogun of Ijaiye Kukudi and he was privileged to have witnessed most aspects of Yoruba ways of life, the Yoruba religion, Yoruba literature, Yoruba philosophy, Yoruba environments and Yoruba world view in arts at close quarters.

He was introduced to Yoruba literature from an early stage in his life and was also greatly influenced by theatre as the Yorubas had a very strong travelling theatre tradition at that time.

When he was in secondary school, he had the privilege to see most of the great Yoruba theatre classics including the Palmwine Drinkard, Oba Koso, Kurunmi, Ogunde plays and more. He got interested in photography from primary school. Throughout his secondary school education, he was actively investing money and taking to time to learn photography. So, inevitably, he became an apprentice photographer after he finished secondary school.

For Reuters he travelled to Ethiopia to cover the drought and to Zimbabwe three times to cover independence there. Father Michael. Idaamu Paadi Minkailu. TK developed a soft spot for reading at a very young age and this later developed into his favourite pastime. Starting with the five works of D. Not only does he love the books, he loves the authors too as he's always found hanging among them. He has decided to maintain this model for his future films.

InTunde Kelani started his own production company, Mainframe Films and Television Productions — Opomulero, so he could produce films and not just lend technical support. Having emerged from the world of theatre and literature, adaptations of books and plays for cinema are the core of Kelani's filmmaking practice and through them he celebrates writers and their work to what he sees as a public that reads less and less.

His Latest work, Dazzling Miragean adaptation from a novel by Olayinka Egbokhare, is a love story of how a sickle-cell suffer overcomes social stigma, prejudice and her own low self-esteem, to achieve success, marriage and motherhood.

Through the movie, he hopes to bring much needed awareness and attention to the sickle-cell condition and help people make better informed decisions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nigerian filmmaker. LagosBritish Nigeria. Tayo Salami. Retrieved 11 March Africa Movie Academy Awards. Dubai International Film Festival. Retrieved 5 December Saturday Newswatch. This Day Live. Retrieved 17 March Nigerian Entertainment Today.The grandmother of all OrishasNana Buruku is the ancient mother of the universe.

This wise and revered Orisha embodies the spirit of the earth and the moon. She is known for her extraordinary healing powers and is an extremely spiritual being. Her commanding presence is felt by all who worship her and she makes it very clear that she does not tolerate being crossed.

Nana Buruku watches over all women. She is the protector of everything female, including pregnancy, and she takes her role as wisewoman and grandmother very seriously.

She has very little patience for men and surrounds herself mainly with priestesses. Women find comfort in her knowledge and strength. They flock to her for guidance and spiritual healing. Her protectiveness and skepticism can be misconstrued as rudeness, but do not be misled. She is the ultimate guardian of all of her spiritual grandchildren. She is mother to Oshun, ruler of the rivers. Mother and daughter both share a love for water. Nana Buruku prefers the streams, marshes and lagoons of the swamp waters.

She is also mother to Asojano, the Orisha of epidemics and disease, Iroko, spirit of the cieba tree, and Ochumare, keeper of the rainbow. She is also mother to Ogun, but his violet ways caused her to shun him. Nana Buruku is the Orisha of the rain, mud and swamps. She can also be found in hospitals and cemeteries. Nana Buruku is depicted as a strong, large old dark-skinned woman.

She is draped in robes of pink, purple and black and wears jewelry fashioned from the beads and shells of the waters she watches over. She carries with her a hook-shaped spiritual broom which she uses to guide her grandchildren on the proper path. Due to her volatile relationship with Ogun, Orisha of iron, Nana Buruku hates all things made from metal.Story of Ogun, Shango and Oshun. According to the myth, Oshun was the only orisha, or deity, to return Oggun to the world after he had ventured into the forest to escape the annoyances of mankind.

According to the myth, she entered the forest wearing a belt of five yellow handkerchiefs and carrying a gourd of honey.


When she found Oggun, she dipped her finger in the honey and rubbed it on his lips. She also pulled him in towards her by tying the five yellow handkerchiefs around his waist.

It is said Oggun never lost his love for Oshun, although he was once married to her sister Yemaya. In myth, Oggun and Chango are always battling for the affection of Oshun, although Oshun is really only in love with Chango.

The reason given for this is that Chango is a symbol of passion and desire like Oshun, while Oggun symbolizes warfare. According to legend, Oshun first met Chango at a tambor drumming ritual and has been in love with him ever since. She is also his sister, as they both sprung forth from the belly of Yemaya, the goddess of the sea. The way she seduced him then was the same way she seduced Oggun.

She is the goddes oflove, money and of happiness. Sheloves to dance and make marry. Oshun is the Orisha of freshwater. She is the goddess of the river that bears his name in Nigeria.

It is said that she lived in a cave that still exists in IjesaNigeria, north to the Nile River. She is one of the happiest orishas as that is one of the attributes that she beholds. She loves the finest things in life and sometimes she is never satisfied.

The dance of Oshun is the most sensual. He laughs and shakes his arms and Yemaya to sound her bracelets. Oshun raises her arms above her head to emphasize her charms. While dancing, makes voluptuous movements to men with outstretched hands and jerky movements of the hips. Calls honey, showing the sweetness of sex and life. You can imitate rowing in a small boat. When the hair is combed or admiring herself in the mirror, looking very stretched above his nose to those around him.

Ogun is the Orisha, who represents the strength, work and initial strength. He is symbolized by iron and all metals. He owns tools and chains. Odde also includes Elegua, Osun and Oshosi.

ogun aferi handkerchief

He is an orisha who preside over iron, hunting, politics, accidents and war. He can be aggressively masculine, much like his brother Shango.

Oggun wears purple vest and pants, wearing a flattened cap. It also carries a belt adorned with long palm fibers. In her shoulder bag tiger skin adorned with seashells. He is known for two characteristic dances. The other imitates the movement of Oggun, dancing around in a circle. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.Two new developments have taken place since the last briefing in Abuja on the coronavirus situation in Nigeria. The first is that a team of researchers from various institutions in Nigeria, including scientists from the Centre for Human and Zoology Virology in LUTH, African Centre for Genomics of Infectious Diseases in Redeemers University and the Nigeria Institute of Medical Research NIMR Lagos, combined their efforts to successfully perform the genome sequencing of the coronavirus strain that the index case brought to Nigeria and proved it to be a match with the virus circulating in Italy and Wuhan.

It is the first time the sequencing of this virus has been performed in Africa. The result has been shared with International Authorities and the Director General of the World Health Organization has extended congratulations to Nigerian scientists for this achievement.

The other development is that contact tracing and monitoring in respect of the coronavirus index case presently receiving treatment in Lagos, has been diligently and conscientiously pursued since 27 February when the case was first diagnosed.

A total of contacts were linked to the index case. Of the45 traveled out of Nigeria and are presently in Nigeria. Of the contacts currently in Nigeria, 69 are in Lagos, 40 in Ogun and 52 in other States, with 11 in unknown locations. Nevertheless, the Federal Ministry of Health, following best practice, decided to test these persons for the possible presence of coronavirus in their systems.

On 8th Marchscientists confirmed the presence of coronavirus in one of the contacts. It is my duty, therefore, to announce a new case of coronavirus disease COVID in Nigeria The newly confirmed case is an Ogun State contact of the index case, but he has no significant clinical symptoms. Since the beginning of the outbreak in China and subsequent spread to other countries, one of the important response strategies at the containment stage, has been to identify all contacts, ensure their strict isolation and to follow up daily with checks for any symptoms of the disease.

Following recent experience from other countries and evidence from newly published studies on non-symptomatic infections, the Nigeria Center for Disease Control NCDC, advised that samples should be taken from all contacts of the Index case for testing. It is in this process that this new case was detected.

I repeat that the newly confirmed case in Nigeria is not a new importation, but a contact of the Index case, who has since been in isolation and was under clinical follow up. He presently does not have any clinical symptoms, is comfortable and in care at Infectious Disease Hospital, Lagos.

Recent studies in China have shown that increased surveillance, contact tracing and isolation reduces the risk of spread, because further opportunities for transmission of the virus by the infected patient in the community are limited.

All other contacts of the index case in Ogun and Lagos will remain in isolation and testing will be carried out on those not yet tested, including some in other states.

The case visited Lagos in February However, given the timelines between the time he was in Nigeria briefly and when he became ill, the likelihood that he was infected in Lagos is very low. The Federal Ministry of Heath, and Lagos and Ogun States Health Ministries assure citizens of our commitment to do all needed to control spread of this outbreak. I again strongly advise against spreading misinformation to cause fear and panic. The Federal Ministry of Health and NCDC will continue to provide prompt and reliable updates and initiate all measures required to protect our people.

A globally emerging lesson here is that some people who contracted COVID appear to experience zero or only mild illness and will recover; however, other patients develop more severe symptoms, especially if they have other underlying illnesses, or are weakened by old age.

I urge Nigerians to take care of their health and protect others by continuing to do the following:. Alternatively, use your bent elbow when you cough or sneeze, when no tissue is available.

Skip to content. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram. Mar 13 Previous Previous post: Coronavirus: Biggest daily rise as UK cases reach Next Next post: Nigeria to unveil fiscal, monetary plan to counter oil slide, coronavirus. Related posts.Preferred Citation: Armistead, Samuel G. The Sephardic community of New York City is, without doubt, an excellent source of balladic material, given that there are representative numbers of families from all the Eastern Judeo-Spanish settlements, as well as from Morocco.

These places would scarcely tempt any scholar, since the cost of a research trip to collect ballads in such remote sites would surely be prohibitive. But unstable political conditions in the Eastern Mediterranean area during the early years of this century gave impetus to the emigration of Jews from Turkey and the Balkan countries to the United States and to South America.

So it is convenient that in New York City, with a Sephardic population of approximately twenty-five thousand, only time and patience are needed to interview native informants from all these distant communities. Thus it reflects, at various points, the circumstances of the early s.

Hacker stated that there were, according to conservative estimates, approximately forty thousand Sephardic Jews in New York City at the time of his investigation. Hacker indicated, on the basis of rather sketchy immigration figures, that between and25, men, women, and children of Sephardic origin entered the United States from Turkey, Bulgaria. For more details on this period, see Joseph M. Barocas Memorial Volume, edited by Marc D.

In truth, the phonograph has done away with the need to learn ballads by heart and, because of its easy availability and reasonable price, it has become the new source of family entertainment. Although the fondness for romances continues among the Sephardim of New York, the phonograph record—as performed by singers who scarcely know the lyrics and are accompanied by Turkish instruments, playing Turkish melodies—now prevails over the traditional family singer.

So a heavy influx of young immigrants, a dearth of elderly singers, a growing interest in French and, of course, English, and the attractiveness of readily available phonograph records have all led inexorably to a marked decline in traditional ballad singing. The Sephardic Jews of New York live in each of the city's boroughs, particularly in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, as well as in its numerous outlying districts. It is not easy to locate them and most have a distinctively Hispano-Arabic sense of the sanctity of the home, zealously guarding their privacy.

For these reasons, it has taken considerable effort to make contact with ballad singers. In general, I collected my ballads from women, most of them of at least forty years of age and some with excellent repertoires. A young married lady, Mrs.

Moreno, from Izmir, gave me seven texts; Mrs. Rica Levy, from Tangier, eight; Mrs. Rosina Sedacca and Mrs. Aboulafia, from Gallipoli. Now, after almost sixty years, it is a source of great satisfaction that this collection should become available to ballad scholars in published form. It hardly seems necessary to insist on the crucial importance of the Judeo-Spanish ballad tradition to the study of both Pan-Hispanic and Pan-European balladry.

Their archaic, highly conservative ballad repertoires preserve many features of the Spanish ballad tradition as it existed at the time of their exile from the Iberian Peninsula. Numerous narrative types dating back to medieval times have thus survived among the Sephardic Jews, while they have, in many cases, disappeared from all other branches of the Hispanic ballad tradition.

A thorough exploration of the Judeo-Spanish ballad corpus is, then, essential to the task of filling the rather substantial gaps that still exist in our knowledge of late medieval and sixteenth-century Spanish balladry. The Sephardic tradition is also, of course, crucially important to comparative studies of the various other modern branches of Pan-Hispanic balladry: the Spanish, Hispano-American, Portuguese, and Catalan traditions. At the same time, Judeo-Spanish narrative poetry, of all the various Hispanic sub-traditions, is also one of the most significant for comparative Pan-European ballad studies.

Because of its conservatism, Sephardic balladry preserves a number of thematic correspondences to other European ballad traditions which are no longer in evidence in most other geographic branches of the Hispanic Romancero.Arisiki opolo malu ,oga gbigbe ewe ola ao fi omin agban se opolo malu ao to oyin sibi kan si ao koje opar.

Arisiki opolo malu ,oga gbigbe ewe ola ao fi omin agban se opolo malu ao to oyin sibi kan si ao koje opari. Imo yin ko ni di asan o. Mo n gbadun gbogbo awon ise ti e n fi sori afefe.

E ko ni sise lase awon to laye o. E jowo, se onmo yii le sise fun lotto jije? E so wi pe a le lo ida akoko laaro fun ojo meta. Ati wi pe kinni amin efun ado. Mo dupe o. Lakaaye yin ko ni joba o. E see pupo. ATEPA Ekuro oju ona, odidi atare kan ao jo po ao fi sin gbere yipo orun ese wa mejeji Aseje ririse Omudun ewe akoko, iyere 16 Ao lo ao fise edo malu ta gesi 16 lepo niyo. Kini itumo 'Arisiki'? Ese oun. Ese sir. Ese o. Ogun asiri bibo Eye lekeleke 1 odidi atare 1 ao jo papo ao lo kuna dada ao mafi maltina lo die die.

Zenlife : sir, kini itumo 'onma arina'? It will make u know good or bad thin about u or ur relative usually in a dream and ur body wil be speakin wit u abt evil pple. Does it only work for self and relative only? Modupe sir. Ogun isegun ota ati owo respect Iku ojia, imi orun, ao gun papo mose dudu ao fi odidi igbin kan tele igba ao ko ose yi lelori ao ma buwe odaju.

Apagun ese fun eni tote ogun mole Epo egusi ati epo obo ao fi tele inu roba nla kan ao to si dada ti yio le mu ese tan dada ao wa ki ese na bo yio san kia kia ao si gbadun. All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.